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We can assist you in every aspect of creating the outdoor environment that is right for you. When compared to many other leading Boulder landscaping companies we excel in giving you specific individual attention. Every client and every project is unique. We establish that connection with you to understand what you want, and to discern your needs even if they are not yet clearly defined.

We are a small company because that allows us to focus on you. At many other Boulder Landscaping companies you're just one of many projects going on at the same time, we at South Creek Gardens are here for each individual focused on building a relationship as we design your paradise.

We work with you to create an environment that that you connect with a deep, personal level - - a place for you-more than just function, even more than beauty-a place for you to experience peace, renewal, and joy.

Many people like to look at their Boulder landscape. We want you to experience your gardens -- take a stroll through your gardens relishing the beauty that's present every month of the year. Sit down and appreciate the different moods of the garden and how it nourishes your spirit.


If it involves stone, soil, plants, or water, we will work with you to make it happen. Our projects have run the gamut from putting in an environmentally responsible lawn to building a recirculating stream through an entire subdivision.

Specific tasks include:

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The key to successful gardening is helping to build fabulous soil

I think the key to successful gardening is to help build fabulous soil. I would love to discuss this topic at great length;  however... In our garden, years ago I was plagued with grasshoppers, mites and aphids, deer and rabbits, some lawn diseases, etc. I have very few of these now. A brief summary of my plan is: lots of compost: make sure it's mostly from yard waste not from cow manure so as to avoid excessive salts. On an ongoing basis we are using Bio-Sol which is a very slow release, granular, organic fertilizer, and liquid applications of a biologically active blend of humic and fulvic acids and other organic goodies. More info is available at www.biolynceus.com and www.biosol.com. Also see: www.bioflora.com

The products from Biolynceus have had tremendous beneficial effects in Front Range locations including city of Aurora, some sod farms, and other locations. These have the added benefit of helping to break down the mulch to nourish the gardens. Strongly recommended. The best way to fertilize it is using an injector. This approach has been used by commercial operations, and now moderately priced homeowner units are available. Check out: www.ezflofertilizing.com.

Long walkway to front door custom built by South Creek Gardens

Dwarf and Rare Conifers

I grow over 200 different species and cultivars of different conifers. Most people are amazed that such a variety can grow in Colorado. Their colors of green, blue, gold, purple, silver, and more. The size and shape can vary from precious little balls of needles to a blue spruce that rambles for more than 15 feet along the top of a rock wall it is only 18 inches tall.

Year around Interest

A garden can be beautiful every month of the year. We plant flowers that bloom at different times all through the season. Even in the winter I can walk around my garden and find many beautiful sights to relish: the different boulders-each one unique, Evergreen trees of all shapes and colors, ornamental grasses that shine especially with the low angle of the sun, perennials and groundcovers different shapes, textures, and colors. I'm particularly enthralled with some of the conifers that are brilliant yellow and gold in the dead of winter.

Soil not Dirt

See what colors you can get with just perennials

Nurture the soil-the foundation of life.

Soil is alive and full of macro and microorganisms. This web of life is built on organic matter. In the natural world, organisms grow, die, decompose, and nourish new life.

We seek to replicate this process through top quality soil preparation. This is essential in Colorado where most Colorado soils are very low in organic matter, high in pH, and often heavy clay that has been compacted. Adding tons of organics is the single most important thing to do. We believe our method is superior for these reasons:

  • We have a huge Gramegna spading machine that we imported from Canada. It took four years to find a machine that will do what this does, and we don’t know of anyone else who uses a machine of this capability. It breaks up and tills the soil to 12” deep. This is 2-4 times deeper than other tillers can.
  • We add tons of organics (at least 10 cubic yards per 1,000 square feet). Because we till so deeply, we can add more organics.
  • Compost and organics provide tilth, beneficial microorganisms, and water holding capacity. The result is stronger roots and plants. This will permanently improve the soil quality. Our primary amendment is tub-ground recycled yard waste, which we find is superior to many manure based products which are too high in salts and pH.
  • Another fabulous soil amendment is expanded shale, which is extremely porous. This improves the moisture retention ability of the soil, microbial life, and the cation ion exchange capacity. It is now being used by most professional and college level athletic fields to improve drainage and plant health.
  • We add other nutrients as necessary. We use Bio-Sol which is a very slow release, granular, organic fertilizer www.biosol.com.
  • We then use a Harley rake, which is a fabulous tool to break up and blend the soil.
  • All these materials are thoroughly mixed through the soil. We rototill at least two and sometimes up to 4 times depending upon site conditions. Fertilization

Even healthy soil needs ongoing nourishment; especially ongoing organic inputs. In the naturaln world falling leaves and other organic materials are continually decomposing and enriching the soil. This will make your garden more beautiful and easier to take care of. Pests and pathogens of all types attack the weakest plants.

As an example we moved into our house in 1979 and it was plagued with grasshoppers, mites and aphids, deer and rabbits, some lawn diseases, and other problems. I have very few of these now. A brief summary of my secret: lots of compost.

For both new and existing clients use granular and liquid fertilizers, and we top dress with compost on an ongoing basis.

The best way to fertilize his to micro feed on an ongoing basis. This is best done using an injector, which disburses a dilute amount of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms every time the irrigation system is run. We accomplish this using a small tank which is installed adjacent to the main line of the irrigation system. See: www.ezflofertilizing.com.

Custom house signs are just one of the many things to set you apart from the rest of your neighbors


We break up the surrounding soil when we plant trees and other plants. It is very important to not leave the smooth sided hole which creates a major zone of discontinuity and discourages the roots from expanding into the surrounding native soil.

We treat all plants with proprietary blend of biologically alive humic and fulvic acids, seaweed extracts, billions of beneficial microorganisms, and other organic goodies. See www.biolynceus.com this improves the fertility of the soil, increases its cation ion exchange ratio, functions as organic surfactant, and thereby lowers the pH which causes the soil to release nutrients, especially iron, that are typically present but unavailable in our alkaline clay soils.